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WooCommerce Paypal Pro Extension:

PayPal Pro is the most advanced merchant service from Paypal and hence comes with huge benefits and features. But at the same time it has many disadvantages like you need to have merchant account at Paypal, you need to have SSL certificate installed on your website and also you need to know how to handle various Paypal APIs.

WooCommerce Paypal Pro Extension allows you to directly accept credit cards and other cards on your checkout page. Hence your customer will be on your website till end and will never your website. Data processing will be by Paypal and sending and fetching data will be a breeze after you install this amazing plugin.

It also comes with sandbox testing so that you can make sure that everything working as expected. By providing this payment method you will not just increase user experience but also ensure your users trust and security of Paypal.

Current version:4.5.1
Last updated:2020-11-30