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Woocommerce Paypal Digital Goods Gateway:

Woocommerce Paypal Digital Goods Gateway: This extension is one of the best payment mode for publishers who are selling their content as well as digital goods through woocommerce. Digital Goods is a cool service from Paypal where customer does not leave your site and complete the whole process  on your checkout page itself. But due to various requirements, it needs very careful selection as weather you really want to use this payment method. First of all you need to choose business account at paypal and than select digital goods for express checkout as your preferred service.

Once you have set up the business account at Paypal, you simply need to install this plugin, fill up API details and you are all set to take advantage of this. Paypal being the most secure and safe way, many customers prefer this mode of payment and when you are selling digital goods, this service becomes very essential.

Digital Goods usually do not require customer to fill up lengthy addresses and contact numbers so this extension is simply fetches all details from their paypal account  and what more customers have choice not to ask for id passwords again for future on your website. So they can simply click buy button and process is completed.

WooCommerce Paypal Digital Goods Gateway can be used for simple digital, virtual product or you can also use it for Subscriptions. One of the other advantage we have seen is if you can use different emailaddress than paypal standard and hence can take advantage of your two paypal accounts with same woocommerce store for selling subscriptions.

Current version:3.2.2
Last updated:2016-09-16