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WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees:

This is one of our favorite extension as this cool plugin will increase your revenue by at least 10-205. Depending on Payment Gateway you are using for your woocommerce store, results may vary. What this extension does is it adds up a fee to an order depending on the payment gateway chosen by the customer. You can set up fees in back end during setup and just wait to start getting some extra bucks.

Not only this, it also gives flexibility to add or change fees per each order in back end. Plus you can configure weather to apply fees on each item or each cart. At the end it is a winning situation for you. We just started using it on our woostore and have seen increasing revenue by 17%. This is one of the mest extension we have seen so far that increases your revenuw out of the box without increasing price of product.

We usually do not prefer charging for using payment services but as we are providing customers with different options and this way also empowering them to take informed decision.

Current version:4.0
Last updated:2023-05-26