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WooCommerce Order Status Manager extension

WooCommerce order status manager :  As such woocommerce comes with great numers of order ststus labels and should be sufficient for most of the sellers but there are some instances where your work flow is so complicated that they are not sufficient and you will be requiring more numbers of orders statuses to display. Further woocomemrce has inbuilt feature to send emails to buyer updating changes in their order status. So it is also imperative to keep updating your buyers regarding any slightest changes in order status. This has been most awaited feature in woocomemrce and unfortunately it has landed as a paid extension and not built into core of woocommerce.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager gives you perfect ability to achieve this function. Using this plugin, you can create end numbers of order statuses depending on your order flow and not only that, you will be able to define icons for each specific status so your customer will have visual guide as well. Further you can customize separate email for each of the actions which will be sent to your customer when order status changes to that particular status.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager also gives you flexibility of bulk action in order manage of woocommerce and also let’s you delete and add new statuses as per your requirement in future.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager: Frequently asked questions

Why use custom order status manager for woocommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most perfect e commerce plugin for wordpress but not all e commerce stores are same. So everyone will have some unique requirements in their order processing. So instead of just showing your customer some vague order statuses, it makes sense to give them in depth and detailed statuses. For example assembling, sent to courier company, in transit and so on. Possibilities are endless and this will create trust amongst your buyers.

Can i customize custom order statuses for WooCommerce?

Yes! there are many options for customization. You can add different icons for different statuses. Icon can give information to your customer at a glance. If you are not satisfied with icons only, you can always add description to your status which can elaborate what it exactly means.

What are the other features of WooCommerce Custom Order Status Manager plugin?

Below is a list of main highlights of plugin and and its features

  • You can use Drag and drop functionality provide for orders statuses and re-order them
  • Also you are empowered to use “Next Statuses” that will not only create a workflow
  • Feature list also includes functionality to add bulk actions for new statuses in the orders list
  • Include orders with custom statuses in shop reports
  • Plus delete statuses without loosing customer information, new order emails on status changes
  • Plus many more…


Current version:1.15.1
Last updated:2023-07-08