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WooCommerce Order Status Control  Extension

WooCommerce Order Status Control Extension is as such one of the most basic extension that is available at woothemes store and should be as  such included by default in woocommerce. Instead they have chosen to make it a paid one. If you are selling Virtual and Downloadable product, woocommerce by default make them completed once payment is done. But you are out of luck if you are selling shippable or non virtual product.

Now just imagine a seller who is selling around 1000 items a day and need to mark all orders completed after shipping. How much time will it take and what about other resources that will be required. There must be a simple and easy way to carry out this activity instead of spending your time and energy on that. Yes.

Here it is for you… WooCommerce Order Status Control. Now this extension will work for you and and as soon as you receive payment for any shippable or non vitual products, your order will be automatically marked a s complete and note will be added in order management page both for you and customer.What is does is that it bypasses processing status and take it to next level automatically.

This extension is available at very reasonable cost at WooGang so just garb it now….

Current version:1.16.0
Last updated:2023-05-03