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WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription  Extension

If you are running a woocommerce store and not using any of the newsletter to enrol your customers in your mailing list, than may be you are loosing a great fortune. Enrolling your customers in your mailing list has a great value as you can follow them up with latest offers and featured products at a latter date and bring them back to your webstore. Newsletter subscription has paramount importance in increasing your repeat sales and make one time buyer or repeat buyer. It also has a great importance if you are want to be a self reliant and not depend too much on google to bring you customers.

WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription Extension is for those who are not vary familiar with newsletters and coding. Putting newsletter subscription sometimes is tricky and need lot of coding knowledge and customization. WooCommerce Newsletter subscription make your life as a seller very easy and you will be able to offer it to your customer with just few clicks and no coding knowledge.

This extension comes with two of the world’s best email marketing service providers- mailchimp and campaign monitor and there are only 3 fields to fill up in settings. After you have completed three steps, this extension comes with handy widget which you can use in sidebar and offer newsletter subscriptions. Also it has dashboard widget to let you know subscriber stats.

Current version:3.6.0
Last updated:2023-01-31