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WooCommerce New Zealand Post Extension

WooCommerce New Zealand Post Extension :  We recently had Royal Mail extension for WooCOmmerce and here is yet another great shipping extensions for all our New Zealand sellers. We already had some good extensions for other countries like USA and Australia and we are taking extreme pride in presenting you this one. As the name suggests, if you are using New Zealand Post as your shipping services, it becomes vital to display correct shipping rates to your customer in real time while checkout to smoothen the process.

And fortunately enough now we have API from New Zealand Post which can be utilized to dynamically fetch data directly from their server and show it to your customer. As earlier mentioned there are few requirements. One is that your store base needs to be NZ and currency should by NZD. Kindly adjust them if you are using some other settings. After finishing initial requirements, go straight to buy now button and get a copy of WooCOmmerce New Zealand Post and install on your woocommerce store. Get a copy of API settings directly from New Zealand Post and test it locally before implementing on your live website.

Now you are all set to use live rates from New Zealand Post and show it to your customers.

Current version:2.0.6
Last updated:2020-01-17