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WooCommerce Mix ‘n Match Products Extension

WooCommerce Mix ‘n Match Products Extension :  WooCommerce lets you see many types of products by default and has many cool extensions that will enhance other products like subscriptions, bookings and so on.. Also there are many cool extensions that will let you sell items in bulk, bundles, groups etc.

But this extension is bit unique in a sense that it will allow you to offer option to customer to create basket of products from all products you offer. For example if you are selling different kind of fruits on your website, your customer will be able to choose which fruits to choose and how much quantity of each fruit they need. And you have full flexibility to define your own restrictions and exclusions.

Further this extension will also let you how you want to charge payment for such product and how you want to ship? For example you can charge a fixed amount per basket or you woocommerce can calculate as per quantity of each product choosen. You can ship them together or separately. Also it will not interfere in any way with routine checkout process of woocommerce and will fit very nicely with your remaining site.

Current version:2.7.0
Last updated:2024-04-29