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WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

WooCommerce is great for selling physical products using wordpress but at times your physical product may have different pricing criteria. If you are selling single product, woocommerce on its own works for you perfectly. But for those selling product with different prices, woocommerce has limited options. WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Extension is the answer.

Simple example is of carpet or wallpapers selling businesses. These products are sold in quantities and we can only decide its price on the basis of its dimension only. And no one wishes to charge differently for these products using different criteria on their online store as this will create customer confusion and may result in abandon cart.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator can be your best shipping extension.

Now you have very powerful tool to solve this issue. Using WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator, Now you can fix up the price of your item as per their dimensions like square footage, volume, or weight.  It seems very easy when you read this but when these is a combination of other factors, it may get complicated. Suppose if you are selling items with pricing based on their dimensions but you will be required to sell fixed quantities at the same time. Measurement Price Calculator will come to your rescue.

Using this extension you will be able to fix up the total dimension of single quantity as well as quantities in box in the back end and after that your customer will be able to see how many quantities ot boxes they need to purchase to reach their required dimensions and at the same time they will be able to see total price they will be pay for total purchase.

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Current version:3.21.1
Last updated:2023-01-13