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WooCommerce KissMetrics Extension

WooCommerce KissMetrics Extension :  KissMetrics is one of the most powerful website traffic analysis tool heavily relied upon by some of the big names in online industry. If you just google it and look for KissMetrics reviews, you will find that none of its user are dissatisfied with what they are achieving. One of the best part we have noticed is that all metrics you get from KissMetrics are in true sense actionable. Means they give you great insight in analytics that will give you hint to take certain actions which will translate in your benefits.

And we have just added this extension that makes integration of woocomemrce with this premium analytic tool so simple and easy that anyone can do without any trouble. As per their claim, they say that they will not just give you how many visitors and views on your website but will instead provide in depth sales funnel visual and help you identify what works and what fails. This ultimately will translate in to higher sales and lower abandon carts.

Also it comes withmany options which will need some in depth knowledge of how their tracking system work and you need to identify which events are more important for you to track and which events will help you in taking actions to achieve higher conversions.

Current version:1.18.1
Last updated:2024-03-20