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WooCommerce Instagram Extension

WooCommerce Instagram Extension :  Instagram is one of the best social media website specially for images. And this extension has been developed specifically to take advantage of your product images on instagram. As such we can not see any point in displaying product images from instagram when you can upload them on woocomemrce store and show them except certain minor advantages like picture loading speed and server load. Though we have recently seen many of our customer keep asking about this extension and as it is one of the cheapest extension available on woothemes we had no option than putting it here for you.

As such setting is extremely easy and we must say it is easiest one as compare to any of the extensions listed here. You just need to install it, activate it and provide username and password for your instgram account. After when you create a product, you can define hashtag for each product and images with similar hashtag will be displayed. Display of images can be controlled using inbuilt hooks and filter as well. One advantage we just realized is that you can keep on taking pics on your mobile device and upload them with proper hashtag and it will be displayed automatically in your product details. So you do not need to edit product each time you want to add more images.

Current version:4.3.4
Last updated:2023-03-03