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WooCommerce Help Scout Extension

WooCommerce help scout :  WooCommerce is one of the greatest online store creation utility for WordPress core and is gradually increasing its market share gradually. And same way Help scout is also one of the very cool utility to create functionality of support tickets to your customer. Now using this nice little extension, you have power to combine two best utilities with each other. Help Scout beinga  third party tool, you will be required to have account with them and active plan running with them. After installing woocommerce and this extension, you need to set up few small options by which your woocommerce site can communicate with your help scout account. This will requiring setting up your account credentials and API keys. Once everything has been set up properly, you will start seeing support tickets opened on help scout in your wordpress backend and you can easily reply to them from backend only.

This will give you quite a few new options to your customer to communicate with you. Firstly, you can create simple contact form and put up on your frontend. Your customer can directly keep in touch with you from there. It also gives a separate contact box on order managment panel from where your customer can contact you. It is not single way communication but even you can also start conversation and contact your buyer from order management page.

Current version:3.9.3
Last updated:2024-03-14