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WooCommerce Groups Extension

WooCommerce Groups Extension is one of the best thing that happened to woocommerce after subscriptions. WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to charge recurring payments for your woocommerce store. But Groups is one step ahead it creates various groups on your woocommerce store and each customer is assigned specific group depending on your settings in background.

While WooCOmmerce creeates Roles for customer and subscriber, Groups create various croups. So both are different but when combined, they become very powerful content restriction tools. At WooGang you can see Subscriber Download Tab on all products which is intelligently created with the use of subscriptions and groups.

With WooCOmmerce Groups extension you can control who sees your content and who can not. And with combination of subscriptionyou can create various categories of customers and display your content differently each and avery customer. Further it fits well with subscriptions so when some one purchases subscription, he/she can be defined in a some group and when subscription gets over he/she will be automatically removed from that group to your predefined group.

Current version:2.2.1
Last updated:2023-07-05