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WooCommerce Group Coupons Extension

WooCommerce Group Coupons Extension :  WooCommerce Groups has been our favourite plugins and is very powerful in assigning your customers to various groups and latter use inbuilt functions to target those customers based on their group levels. And with the similar concept in mind this amazing extension has been developed. You can create various coupons based on user roles or groups and do many more things with this plugin.

Weather you want to send coupons to specific set of users, automatically add coupon to checkout process based on customer group level or simply give incentive to your customer to become premium group member by showing them ways to do, this plugin helps in doing whatever is your requirement.

We highly recommend using woocomemrce groups extension along with this though it is not a requirement. But using it will enhance your capabilities create complex coupon campaigns. Not only that it also comes with handy shortcode feature to showcase your coupons and gives you all flexibility for designing coupon codes.

We have been using this extension for quite a while to send coupon codes to all our single item purchase customers to offer them discount on club membership and we have achieved very high rate of conversion. We highly recommend every woocommerce store owner to use this extension and leave feedback here.

Current version:2.6.0
Last updated:2024-04-17