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WooCommerce Recommendations by Graphflow

WooCommerce Recommendations by Graphflow: Recommendation has been the biggest winner when we compare all our product marketing strategies and has been successfully implemented by many of our club members. In last one year only we had almost 10 success stories sent by our members and all of them showed importance of using recommended products to increase sales. But recently few of them have started inquiring about a new extension released by Woothemes called WooCommerce Recommendations by Graphflow.

Graphflow is one of the leading recommendation engine and has been praised by many gurus of online marketing strategies. Now with the use of this extension, you can empower your product page and cart pages with recommendation derived from world leading technology from Graphflow and tease them to buy similar products together. This extension is also comes with intelligent algorithm that will decide best recommendation based on previous users behavior and nature of products and will keep on adjusting recommendation time to time.

This is one of the most versatile extension we have seen so far. Not only it helps you increase your sales but it also gives you great knowledge regarding your customer behaviors and tastes. It is super fast as well so it will not hamper your site speed as other plugins we have seen so far and is also fully customizable so that you can modify look as per your requirements.

Current version:2.0.5
Last updated:2016-09-16