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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro: Google Analytics has been our one of the most favorite tool to keep track of all events that happens on any of our websites. When it comes to our web stores, it is even more important as data gives us great insight about our customers behaviors and flaws in our website design if any. Analysis of traffic data can further help us improve our strategies and strengthen our sale funnel.

WooComemrce has been one of our favorite and now using Google Analytics features we can get even more out of it. This handy and simple plugin makes your life very easy by simplifying and minimizing settings requirement. Once you set up , you just need to provide GA id and select some basic settings which are self explanatory. Once you have done that you are almost set to see all kinds of data google analytics gives you.

Not only that it gives you datas like added to cart, view cart, checkout page, coupon applied, My account view and so on..

Some of the most important features includes:

  • disable tracking of administrator or shop owner
  • You can even track users using powerful features of User ID
  • Adds advanced eCommerce event tracking, such as “coupon addition / removal” and “cart quantity changed”
  • Track manually added orders, refund and cancellation
  • You can even track customer email openng and clickings as well.
Current version:2.0.7
Last updated:2023-07-05