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WooCommerce Give Products Extension

WooCommerce Give Products Extension :  WooCommerce Give Products is one of the most simple yet very powerful marketing tool for your woocommerce store. As name suggests, functionality is very simple. You can give away any products free of cost to any of your customer. Even set up is very simple and after installing plugin, you will have sebmenu under woocomemrce main menu from where you can find and select any customer and any product.

Once selected you can simple send that product to customer. So many of you may be wondering, how can it help you in marketing. Now you can organize any survey or draws and giveaways on your woocommerce store and use this plugin to give away prizes to winners.

What we liked most about is its simplicity and hassel free functionality. There are no complicated configuration screen or settings. Just fill out require details like customer and product and you are all set.

Current version:1.1.21
Last updated:2022-09-03