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WooCommerce FreshBooks Extension

WooCommerce FreshBooks Extension is developed for all sellers who are tired of maintaining books for their online stores. Freshbooks is one of the best online service specially created for online sellers providing services of cloud accounting. If you go on their website, it rightly says that cloud accounting for non accountants. Freashbooks has revolutionized the way people maintain their expense books and have made it more of fun now.

WooCommerce FreshBooks Extension directly connects your woocommerce store with your freshbooks account and interact with it seamlessly. One of the major problem every woocommerce store owner faces is to create manual invoices and send it to individual customer. WooCommerce Freshbooks extension automatically creates new client when you receive a new orders and also send them invoice automatically. It is that simple… Yes it is. What if you do not want to send invoice to each and every customer? Dont worry… this extension also gives you that feature and you can manually send invoices to customer with just a one click in your woocommerce dashboard order management page.

Some of the other features includes

  • Option to automatically send invoices via email or snail mail for new orders
  • Bulk actions to create, send, or add payments to invoices
  • Sync WooCommerce order numbers and FreshBooks invoice numbers
  • Include shipping and taxes as line items with relevant codes in invoices
  • Automatically sync payments between your shop’s WooCommerce orders and FreshBooks invoices
  • Link WooCommerce products to FreshBooks items for better reporting
  • Use the FreshBooks mobile app to keep track of your WooCommerce store’s invoices

Thus you will never have to worry about accounting and legal issues as everything will be done automatically and you are always up to date with your account books in freshbook cloud accounts.

Current version:3.14.0
Last updated:2019-10-22