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WooCommerce Force Sells Extension

WooCommerce Force Sells: This is one of the most intelligent upselling extension we have seen so far created for WooCommerce. Just give you an insight into the concept, if you are a seller and selling repairing iphone screen problems. In this scenario, you will create a item listing which clearly mention your service and buyer purchase this service from you. But during repairing, you may be using new brand screen which may have price for itself and if you are using digitizer as well than there will be price for that as well.

So when customer buys your service for repair of iphone glass, these two products needs to be automatically added to cart and final amount needs to be displayed to customer so that he/she can take decision about purchase. WooCommerce Force Sells will let you configure your product in similar fashion and is best suited for products which are dependent on other products.

WooCommerce Force Sells also let you define how your products needs to behave. You can set weather or not your customer can remove these dependent products from cart? Normal forced sell will give you configuration where customer can remove forced product and synced forced sell will give you configuration where customer can not remove forced product. If customer removes main product all products will be removed automatically.

Current version:1.2.0
Last updated:2023-01-11