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Product Description

Email marketting has been the key of relationship building and repeat purchases. This has been proved in various surveys and majority of hem showed almost 40% jump in repeat sales with effective email marketing of customers. WooCommerce Follow-up Emails Extension can be your email marketing tool. Email marketing consumes lot of time and energy if done manually. But what WooCOmmerce Follow-ip Emails Extension does that it automates the whole process and saves lots of time and energy for you so that you can work more for your woocommerce store.

This extension has all the features you can think of like automated email on purchase, automated email after 1 day- 7 day- 1 month, automated emails for sale periods, automated emails for special couponsetcc. Further it also lets you see full reporting of emails like open, clicks and coupon code usage.

Everyone wants to setup their newsletter and use the list for their product marketing in future and for that they pay heavily to online services like mailchimp, aweber and so on.. But WooCOmmerce Follow Up Emails Extension is one time cost and it will work for you lifetime. You have flexibility to design templates, customize when to send emails and so on.

Current version:4.9.51
Last updated:2023-05-25