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WooCommerce Fedex Shipping Method

WooCommerce Fedex Shipping Method is designed for shipment ease mainly for the sellers in USA and Canada. FedEx being the largest shipment agncy for physical goods across world with major presence in USA and Canada have been used by millions of  sellers everyday. This powerful extension empowers you to fetch shipping rates from Fedex API.

After installing WooCommerce Fedex Shipping Method on wordpres dashboard, you will have plenty of options to manage your shipping using Fedex. After installation, you need to input FEDEX API details which can be obtained by logging into your fedex account. Once that is done, you are all set to send packacge information to Fedex and also start getting charges based on sent details.

You have flexibility to send data to Fedex per item or box packing. Box packing is usually the cheapest and most preferred method. You will be able to define all aspects like box size, shipment weight, shipment method weather ground , air, overnight and so on. This is unique in a sense that your customer will be able to see various fedex options with charges during checkout and hence they will be able to take informed decision about their prefered way of shipment.

Current version:3.9.2
Last updated:2024-03-20