About the Download

Etsy is an online marketplace that enables you to buy and sell unique items, for example, arts, jewelry, clothing, photographs, and toys. With a presence across all the eCommerce leading nations, Etsy sells globally and holds expertise in handcrafted materials.  It is among one of those marketplaces that makes sure the exchanges happening between buyers and sellers are safe and secure enough with the help of improved technologies. On Etsy, buyers can connect directly with creative sellers for personalized and unique goods. This exclusive shopping experience helps in fostering a loyal buyer base.

Key features

  • Bulk-upload WooCommerce listings on Etsy with a single click and set separate inventory rules, pricing plans, and many more in one go.
  • Experience quick access with one click authorization to Etsy Store through the Etsy Integration for WooCommerce.
  • Upload products based on categories and attributes on Etsy making it easy for buyers to navigate through product. And increase your product visibility.
  • Through Etsy integration for Woocommerce you can manage Etsy orders right from your WooCommerce orders section.
  • Increase your conversion rate by drawing more prospects to your products through the Etsy marketplace. Keeping track of inventory and orders on the Woocommerce store helps you avoid overselling.
  • Automate your shipping process by easily adding the shipping profile on Etsy and use the same while uploading your products.
Current version:2.2.7
Last updated:2023-04-17