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WooCommerce Email Attachments Extension

WooCommerce Email Attachments: WooCommerce comes built in with bunch of various email options and templates and if you are not satisfied with them you have many extensions to add few more emailing option. But none of them offer you feature to attach any files to them by default. Further as they are dynamically generated you have no option to attach files.

Using WooCommerce Email Attachments you will be able to attach end number of files to your outgoing emails and will not only works with default woocommerce emails but also emails sent by other woocommerce extensions. Has very user friendly setting page where you can upload all your files and select other options like cc and bcc email addresses.

You can control which files to send and which ones to avoid. Also you can delete and add new files as per your requirement. Further is is fully compatible with WPML plugin and hence you need not have to worry about any compatibility issues.

Current version:3.1.1
Last updated:2022-01-29