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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Extension: Ever wanted a system where you have control over your pricing strategy? Yes.. Keep reading . WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Extension is so versatile that it will empower you to set different pricing structure for your single product. For example if you want to show higher price to guest customer and lower price to your regular customer, this extension will let you acheive this by defining dynamic pricing for different user roles.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing also gives you flexibility to set pricing depending on numbers of item in cart. That means you can reward customer if he buys more than one item from you. This extension will develop a sort of reward system for your customer and hence will increase their loyalty towards you. Further more it is a best companion for points & reward extension and is also compatible with gravity forms addons and product addons extensions for woocommerce.

Dynamic Pricing is best suited for woocommerce stores offering perishable item and items with recurring or frequent upgrades. Like here we also use WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing to offer different service to different customers like one time purchasers and club members. Also Dynamic Pricing gives your customer a feeling of valued customer and hence they are more likely to come back and make another purchase.

Current version:3.2.2
Last updated:2023-05-11