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WooCommerce Dwolla Extension

WooCommerce Dwolla Payment Gateway Extension :  We have now more than 50 or odd extensions for WooCommerce and numbers are increasing everyday. And by far the cheapest and most affordable one we have see is Dwolla. And particularly for sellers who are selling low end items. Yes! it will cost zero if you are selling items with price tag less than $10. And for above that they have very reasonable charges of 10 cent only.

Now if you compare it with any other major players like Paypal or Stripe, it seems cheapest one. WooCommerce Dwolla Extension makes it more sweet experience by easy and smooth installation and set up. Of course for using this plugin you need to have Dwolla account and unfortunately currently it works only in USA. Further we highly recommend you to have SSL certificate on your website as it not only protects your customer but will also have SEO advantage. Though it is not mandatory.

It also comes with nice testing feature that will return you back all your money you spent during testing purpose. Once you have set up your Dwolla account and required IDs and configuration, you will be having a huge pricing advantage over your existing payment gateway.

Current version:1.7.0
Last updated:2017-03-30