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WooCommerce Drip Extension

WooCommerce Drip Extension :  For any woocomemrce store, it is one of the most valuable aspect is to have good marketing strategies which are implemented successfulyy and it is also one of the biggest task for everyone. Maintaining your subscriber and customer list and following them regularly is one of the critical area which consumes your lot of time as well as energy. But now you can stay worry free as WooCommerce Drip Extension has arrived. Using this nice and small utility, you can seamlessly connect to your email marketing service providers and carry out predefined tasks for you automatically.

Here are some of the cool features of the plugin:

  • You can track goal conversion whenever a sales is made on your website
  • It also recored the event and gives insight into subscriber history
  • Like WooCommerce Customer history, it will give life time value of any customer so that you can target them with latest offers and deals
  • Plus it will also carry out other functions like enrolling them into mailing list, tagging them etc..

We have started using this WooCommerce Drip Extension from the first day with Mailchimp and we are simply amazed with the boost in our sells through this extension. We highly recommend everyone to give it a try and see if you can achieve similar results.

Current version:1.3.0
Last updated:2023-06-13