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WooCommerce Customer Order Coupons CSV Import Suite Extension

WooCommerce Customer Order Coupons CSV Import Suite: We know that you are woocommerce fan now and nearly 20% of online stores have shifted to woocommerceplatform thanks to its powerpacked features, extensions and flexibility. But whenever someone plans to migrate to woocommerce from their existing platform, biggest question is what to do with existing data. What will happen to my customers and orders? What will happen to my coupons which are already floating on internet?

Even WooThemes and every woocommerce developer is listening you and WooCommerce Customer Order Coupons CSV Import Suite is the product that has been developed to give answers to these questions. Using this extension it is just one click process to import all your important data. This is powerpacked extension supports importing thousands of records in just seconds.

Apart from that it is packed with many more features like:

merging of customer records, importing all coupon fields, merging coupons and importing all customer and order fields. What is also important is that it also supports sequential order numbers pro, multiple shipping methods and order customer xml export plugin.

Using this extension is very easy and you just need to upload and activate the plugin. Once activated, take CSV file containing all your records and import it with simple and powerful importer included in extension.

Current version:3.11.0
Last updated:2022-12-02