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WooCommerce Customer Order XML Export Suite

WooCommerce Customer Order XML Export Suite is woocommerce extension developed for basically exporting datas of your orders and customers. Now many will be wondering, why we need to do so? As a woocommerce store owner, we know we have faced many challenges managing shipping details and keeping accounts up to date. If you are using some of the very flexible shipping service or cloud accounting services like freshbooks, you may never ever need this utility.

Many of online services now comes with powerful APIs and using it you will be able to integrate its services with woocommerce but there are still many who do not provide APIs or their integration with woocommerce has yet not been done. In these scenarios, you will be required to manually feed data to your shipping and accounting services. In such cases, it will consume your lot of energy and time.

WooCommerce Customer Order XML Export Suite is specifically created for that purpose. Using it you will be able to export your customer and order data in XML format using various methods bundled with extension. You can export single order or you can do it in bulk as well. After exorting them, you can import them into your desired service and get your task with just a few clicks.

Current version:2.6.3
Last updated:2019-12-15