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WooCommerce Customer History

Ever wanted to learn how your customers are navigating your website? Ever wanted to know actions of every customer on your website and how they reach to cart and checkout page. Using this amazing extension, you will be able to see which pages customer visited before they ultimately purchased the item. These actions log is useful in determining your future strategies and customization to your website. Further, it gives you great insight in customers choice and interests so that you can give them offers accordingly.

WooCommerce Customer History also allows you to get some meaningful statistics for your customers like total numbers of item purchased, total numbers of purchases and total life time value of a customer. And based on these data you can provide better targeted offers to them for better conversation.

Plugin is simply and very powerful and works out of the box. You just need to install the plugin and you are all set to get these amazing data. After activating plugin, go to order screen and there you will find customer browsing history and customer purchase history. Once you start getting those data, customize your strategies and offer them targeted offers.

Current version:1.2.1
Last updated:2017-06-30