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WooCommerce Cost of Goods Extension :

WooCommerce in its earlier days had a very bad reporting functions and was limited to very basic features in many ways but with update to its version 2.0 they have completely revamped their reporting fuctionality as well as style. It now looks more professional and gives you many new options which you can use to get more productive insights of your store. BUT WooCommerce Cost of Goods Extension is mainly created for you to get even more out of woocommerce reports.

WooCommerce Cost of Goods Extension is mainly created for store owners who are more interested in getting profit reports instead of selling reports that comes with woocommerce. Using this simple extension, you will be able to define exact cost of goods you are selling and hence it will be able to give you details about how much profit is made for each sale. With integration into existing woocommerce reports, it can graphically display results and will give you handy insights into your profit details in all opttons like seven days, one month, year and even per product wise.

After installing, it will create a simple field named cost of product in product data box and this is the only settings you need to fill up to achieve amazing reports in your woocommerce reporting dashboard.

Current version:2.13.0
Last updated:2023-05-11