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WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments Extension : There has been many extensions available to show contents depending on various conditions for woocomemrce and as well as to show payment methods and shipping options depending on user roles or country. But we have been trying to get all in one package that helps you control of everything starting from content , payment to shipping using various conditions and at last we have received this amazing piece of great coding from woothemes.

One of the major feature we have been looking for was to have flexibility of selecting payment gateway per product. For example, we wanted to use Paypal for subscription product but Paypal adaptive payments for other products. And reason behind that was to have multiple paypal options receiving payments from single website. We have tried many other extensions but all failed in one or another way.

At last we tested this plugin and it is simply amazing and very simple to use. You do not need technical know hows to use or set up this extension. After you set up you have flexibility to control shipping methods, payment gateways and shipping rates depending on your conditions. This extension is also quite extensible and if you are a developer, you can create some more powerful features as well.

Current version:1.15.2
Last updated:2023-06-29