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WooCommerce Conditional Content Extension:

One of the most powerful extension ever developed for WooCOmmerce. Now you can show your desired content anytime and anywhere using this extensions. These are dynamic contents which are predefined in your admin dashboard. WooCOmmerce Conditional contents allows you to show predefined messages when your criterias are met and you have control where and when to show these messages.

Some of the most basic usage of this extension includes showing a message to your customer when he is trying to purchase the item which is going to be on sale shortly. Also if you use dynamic pricing model, you can show them message about adding more product to get discount. Not only limited to above examples, you can define various rules and use them as you want. You can show message when item is about to get out of stock, certain categories product added to cart, customer or role specific contents.

This extension will greatly encourage your visitors to take all benefits of your store’ offers and they will be encouraged to use your services repeatedly. They will also receive individualized experience which will have great impact on their partnership with you as a customer. This extension is pre bundled with many predefined criteria and after installation will be sufficient to start your ideas. Latter you can always create more complex criteria to make your woocommerce store even more exciting and attractive.

Current version:2.2.0
Last updated:2023-03-03