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WooCommerce Composite Products Extension:

Woocommerce composite product will enhance your product display by intelligently bundling the items as per your criteria. With the use of this extension, you can create kits instead of selling single items and display them along on single product page and give your customers more choices. This extension is very easy to use and you can create hundred and thousands of product kits using this tool. But it will not change your customer experience in any way.

On installation for the first time, WooCommerce Composite Products will map all your product. On single product edit screen you will be allowed to define various composite product kits. You can even define rules to create these kits dynamically.  Your customer will love to have extra options while selecting item. They will be presented with various kits during purchase and those who are interested can take advantage of tailor made kits by simply selecting them.

You can define many rules for each products like minimum and maximum quantities of each product, single page display or multipage display, and so on. If you feel that your product kits are static and not dynamic, you will be better using a another nice plugin woocommerce called WooCommerce Bundles plugin which works almost similarly except they do not support dynamic generation of kits.

Current version:8.10.0
Last updated:2023-07-05