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Product Description

The woocommerce checkout field editor is a amazing tool that will completely change the way you handle customers in future. Have ever noticed that Checkout Page on WooCOmmerce Store by default is missing many things and many a times providing unnecessary fields. Many a times, checkout page plays an important role in buying experience and each buying experience makes customer a repeat purchaser or leave your site without purchase.

For example, if you are selling a digital or virtual product and during checkout if you ask all sorts of details like postal address, shipping address, pin codes, telephone numbers etc., Your customer will be unhappy as these fields are totally useless. What you need is just Name, Email Address and Country if you want for your reference. We at WooGang also use Checkout Field Editor and if you see our checkout page it is simple and clutter free.

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor brings you these function. You can edit each and every element on Checkout page. In drag and drop interface, you can remove fields, change their positions, change display size and so on. If you want to add any extra field apart from what WooCommerce provides, you can do so as well.

Another example of utility of this powerful extension is that if you are selling product using Paypal, you can simply remove shipping address fields and take shipping address directly from Paypal. By this way your checkout page becomes compact, Customer will have to fill up less details and ultimately it will reduce cart abandonment.

Current version:1.7.9
Last updated:2023-04-27