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WooCommerce Checkout Addons Extension

WooCommerce Checkout Addons Extension has been specifically developed to add more features to woocommerce checkout process and make it more interactive for your customers. It is also a very powerful tool that will allow you to offer similar products to your customer. Basically Woocommerce Checkout Addons will give you control over what your customer will see on checkout page.

Simplest example of this extension is suppose if you want to offer free items with your mani products. Suppose if you are selling Pizza and want to offer fee catch up, you can set up in woocommers. Your customer will see all free free products you offer along with main item and select them if they wish to receive them. This feature is not limited to just free items but you can offer paid services as well.

For example, if you are selling electronic items and along with you want to sell insurance or warranty service. You can show this options to your customer on checkout page and if your customer wishes to avail these services, they can choose and that will be automatically added to their checkout.

Plugin gives you full control over design of your checkout options and gives you feature of selecting radio button, checkbox or dropdowns. Also it will add section in your orders list in dashboard and in the order management page for you to easily follow orders and respond accordingly. One of the important feature is that it is also compatible with subscriptions.

Current version:2.6.0
Last updated:2022-11-30