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Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options:

This is one of the most unique feature of woocommerce that you can use it to showcase your portfolio or catalog of product which are yet not ready for sale. This will give you an opportunity to showcase your products to future buyers which will give you idea about popularity of product before it goes for sale. Hence WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options is perfect for all who wishes to display just products and hide all other woocommerce elements.

WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options is packed with features like never before. Yes, remove prices, add to cart button, buy now button and even cart from your woocommerce store. Many may be thinking then why to use woocommerce. Amazing thing about this is you can simply put them on sale whenever you want with just simple flick.

Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options: Why you need it

Just to give an example, i had one product which i was about to introduce after making investment of around $1000. But before that i wanted to know is it worth investing and weather others are interested in buying this product from me? We just used this extension to showcase that product on our page and we realized that our investment will be recovered in just a one day.

This plugin can be a very good companion with Pre order Extension which will also allow other to pre order item you are showcasing. Further this extension also allows you to define whom to show prices, buttons and whom to not. This way you can restrict prices to be shown to only logged in users and not guest or vice verse. As a result we highly recommend WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options to all our artist customers and see if it increases their revenue by beautifully displaying their artworks.

Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options: Key Features

  • Gives you ability to hide Add to Cart button hence you can control who can purchase
  • Gives you ability to hide price display so you can communicate with users and decide prices
  • Control when to hide them and when to show them hence you are always clicks away from changes
  • Show or Hide based on location of visitor
  • Show or hide based on User role
  • Can be used as Membership plugin
  • Compatible with all WooCommerce Extensions so you can use it with other extensions without worry
Current version:3.3.1
Last updated:2023-06-12