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WooCommerce Cart Reports Extension:

The WooCommerce Cart Reports extension is an excellent tool to keep an eye on your abandon cart details. Abandon carts are the major issue for any web store and if we can convert these carts into checkout, we will be able to increase our revenue by 50%. At WooGang we have noticed that around our 50% of cart never reaches checkout and hence we miss the opportunity. We decided to give it a try to WooCOmmerce Cart Reports and boom… Our cart conversation rate has doubled in just few days.

WooCOmmerce Cart Reports extension lets you see all abnadon carts in back end with all details you require like products in the cart, email address of customer and so on.. Than you can follow them up with required steps or even coupon codes to encourage them to complete the cart. You can also track how many carts have been recovered and so on..

You do not require any technical know how, just simply install the plugin and configure basic settings which are very simple and self explanatory. In just 5 minutes you will start getting cart abandonment details on your report page.

Current version:1.3.3
Last updated:2023-02-23