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WooCommerce Cart Notices Extension

WooCommerce Cart Notices: When your customer has added a item in your cart means he has a clear intent to purchase ite and has completed almost 30% of process. Targetting any customer at that point of time to upsell another product or to encourage them to buy upgraded product will definitely have some impact on decision and may benefit you.

WooCommerce Cart Notices comes with great amount of flexibility and gives you many options to play with and experiment to see which works best for you. For example, if customer has already purchased product worth $50 and if you have free shipping for $75, you can inform your customer by showing this notice to your buyer. So this extension allows you to define notice based on total amount. Similarly you can decide to show notice when certain product is in the cart or when you have a great offer which is expiring soon.

Further you can decide to show notice based on product category or even as per referrer. There are many examples of its usage and we would love to hear from you your innovative way of using the same. You can define any number of notices and also prioritize them so that your customer is not ended up with many notices in front of him.

Current version:1.15.0
Last updated:2023-06-29