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woocommerce product addons plugin

WooCommerce Cart Addons: Not happy with customer buying only one item from your woocommerce store? Want to increase sells by offering your customer various other deals and offers at card page? This extension is one of the best to achieve results. It is a simple concept but will definitely work.

For example if you are selling mobile phones on your store. A customer comes to your website and adds it to the cart. When customer reaches to cart page, he sees three more products. One is a otterbox case for that mobile phone, screen protector and headphone. Now it is very likely that as your customer is purchasing mobile phone, he will be purchasing these three for sure. So if you can offer them in a single purchase, he will be more than happy to purchase from you.

WooCommerce Cart Addons will allow you to define fixed products to show at cart page or you can choose to show products depending on their category or you can manually select which products to show for each product. In simple terms it is called up sell and cross sell and has been proven to increase your sales. You have control when to show and what to show plus you can prioritize weather to show global product, category product or random products.

Current version:2.3.2
Last updated:2022-11-02