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WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms

WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms  is one of the best extension developed for big web store owners and owners of the stores who are selling items in multiple quantities. In early days of woocommerce, we used to create single products for each and every product variations we sell but now there are many extensions available which allows you to sell their variation on single item listing scree.

WooCOmmerce Bulk Variation Forms is yet another extension that not only allows to sell single product variations but also allows buyer to choose quantities of each variation on single screen. Advantage for seller is that they will be required to develop only one product page and this extension will allow you to configure various options and quantities for that. Further it also provides you SEO advantage as it will avoid duplicate content penalty due to pages with similar specifications indexed multiple times.

For buyes it will be a pleasant experience as they will be allowed to choose each and every option on single screen and will have to pass through checkout process only once. They are more likely to purchase again from seller if their overall buying experience is pleasant.

WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms is one of the most easy to configure and set up. After activating plugin you will be up and running in just five minutes.

Current version:2.3.3
Last updated:2024-04-18