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WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management Extension

WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management:

WooCommerce is most extensive online selling platform available and has been powered by many of the exciting productive extensions like this one. For example if you are selling around 1000 items on your woocommerce store and say every moth you sell around 10000 items and purchases similar items to maintain your inventory.

Now WooCommerce also comes with very nice inventory management function which every store owner uses to keep inventory and also to let buyer know if item is out of stock. But when you get new inventory for multiple items together, it becomes very tedious to open individual listings and make changes in inventory section of listing. WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management will simplify the whole process and will list all your items with inventory fields on single page and you can modify stocks in multiple items together. So no more messing with individual listings and wasting your time.

Further you can also control inventory status like in stock or out of stock similar way and do it in bulk using same utility. So just grab it now. It is priced at $10 only for a limited period of time and price will go up soon. If you are more keen on becoming club member there is an excellent deal right now in which you will be able to access all tools for just $40 for 3 months.

Current version:2.2.32
Last updated:2022-11-12