About the Download

WooCommerce Box Office enables you to sell tickets online. It provides a full-featured ticketing solution for any type of event.

Feature Overview

WooCommerce allows you to set up any product to function as a ticket by creating a virtual product, but excludes ability to manage tickets. Box Office bridges that gap.

  • Manage tickets for as many events as you wish
  • Generate tickets that can have specific ticket-holder information attached
  • Collect info on individual ticket-holders
  • Allowing ticket-holders to manage their own info, regardless if they made the purchase
  • Send custom printable tickets
  • Bulk-email ticket-holders
  • Export ticket-holder info to a CSV document
  • Use Order Barcodes (separate purchase) to generate unique, scannable barcodes for each ticket
Current version:1.1.52
Last updated:2023-05-23