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WooCommerce is the most widely used ecommerce platform. It was used for purpose of selling physical products, digital products and virtual services. But there is one another great feature that woocommerce was lacking and that was selling services or bookings or appointments. This feature is amongst the few which were on list of top ideas for woothemes team. Finally here is great news for all of us. Now you can use power of woocommerce to sell these kind of services using WooCommerce Bookings Extension.

Yes, wait is over. Woothemes has recently released WooCommerce Bookings Extension which is one of the costliest extension in woothemes collection but at the same time it is power packed with few of the amazing features. Using power of WooCOmmerce Bookings Extension, you will be able to define many cool settings like booking availability slots, maximum number of bookings in a slot and pricing per booking slots. Not only that you can always modify settings as per your wish in easy to use backend.

WooCommerce Bookings Extension: Why it is best amongst the list?

Furthermore it has many customer friendly features as well. Your customer will be able to see all booking options and pricing in the front end and can select as per their choice. WooCommerce Booking Extension comes with built in email functionality which will send emails to customers regarding their booking confirmations and the same is used for sending reminders to customers regarding their bookings. In addition to these, it also has feature for adding bookings manually and hence you can completely switch over to this extensions for both your online and offline bookings and appointments. As a result it will be the only solution you will ever need for your booking requirements.

WooCommerce Bookings Extension: Other Features list

Keep in mind few things before you purchase this extension and one of them is that it is currently not compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions extension and hence you can not use them together but at the same time. Woothemes has noted that they will be adding support soon. Many other cool extensions like WooCommerce Product Addons are compatible and hence use them together and get benefit of all of them.

  • Control fixed time slots for booking availability
  • Give power to customer to choose best time suited to them
  • Allow group booking and give discount for bulk orders
  • Send email notifications to avoid missing appointments
  • Control global rules for booking availability and override them on per product bases if required
  • Intuitive booking display and management in back end

In conclusion, Bookings Extension for WooCommerce is the must have plugin for any webmaster looking for selling appointments. There are other alternatives available but no one comes close to it in terms of features. Further it is one of the favorite extension of woothemes and hence you will see many more compatible extension for it in near future.

Current version:2.1.0
Last updated:2024-03-13