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WooCommerce Authorize.net Payment Gateway: Authorize.Net is one of the most admired payment gateway in the industry and has very strong support system and powerful backend for safe trading environment. They offer plenty of option for web developers and also for woocommerce. WooCOmmerce Authorize.Net AIM Payment Gateay is on of the offering from them.

Authorize.Net is also admired a lot because fo their consistency in providiing fraud protection, reliability and transaction security. So by providing this payment option, you are also creating trust amongst your customer and they can carry out transaction without any worry. There are few requirements you need to follow before you can use this extension. First and foremost you need a Authorize.Net account whcih can be easily created after fulfilling their varification of genuine seller.

Authorize.Net AIM version integrates perfectly in your checkout process on your own website. Hence customer fills up all financial details on your website and than data is transmitted to Authorize.Net for processing. Since checkout details are on your page, you need to have SSL certificate for this extension to work perfectly.

Setting up the whole process is very simple and fast, you just need to install extension on backend and fill up required details which can be availed from your Authorize.net account.

Current version:3.14.6
Last updated:2019-07-15