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WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Method:

This extension is mainly for those whoch sells and ship their products in Australia. Australia Post is one of the best shipiing carrier in the country and the best thing now is that if you are a woocommerce user, you can use their API to fetch and send data to them directly from your webstore. It also helps if you are shipping products to other countries from Australia.

There are few requirements that you need to fulfill. First one is that your base country should be Australia. Your base currency needs to be Australian Dollar. It comes bundled with many cool features like packing item individually or box packing, change names of services, add more to shipping charges for your services and so on…

Simply download and install the plugin and carry out basic configuration on wordpress admin dashboard. Go to extension setting page and select services you want to use for shipment and your customer will see all the options they have during checkout process. This way you and your customer both will be in total control of the whole process. Shipment tracking and queries related to shipment are the major time consuming thing for any web store. Using WooCOmmerce Australia Post will save a great deal of time for you.

Current version:2.5.0
Last updated:2022-10-29