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WooCommerce Aramex Shipping Extension

WooCommerce Aramex Shipping: Aramex is world’s leading shipping and courier service provider and we have recently received many of our club members asking us if we can include this extension in our membership plan. So ultimately here it is for all of you. We have already launched many of best shipping extensions like UPS, USPS, FEDEX and so on and we are extremely proud to present you WooCommerce Aramex.

This is as such very small plugin and many of you may doubt about its capability but let me say do not go by its size. WooCommerce Aramex is one of the most powerful shipping extension we have seen so far for WooCommerce. Using this extension, you will be able to directly receive shipping rates while checkout process and rates will have authenticity from Aramex so your customer will never complain about overcharging.

For using WooCommerce Aramex, you need to have account with Aramex and need to have their API access. Once installed and giving all required account and API details, you are almost ready to receive aramex shipping rates. You can also define various box or shipmentsizes whcih will be than send to Aramex to get exact custom rates if you are using custom boxes. So grab the copy of extension and give it a try to see how useful it is to make your online selling life simple.

Current version:1.1.0
Last updated:2023-02-04