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Product Description

The WooCommerce API Manager is one of the most powerful thing that has ver happened to woocommerce after subscriptions. With help of this extension you can transform you woocommerce store into powerful licensing server for your digital goods mainly softwares, themes and plugins. You can simply sell your digital products using this extension and not only that you can provide your customer regular updates till predefined periods and not only that you can control their usage using fully integrated licensing system.

This does everything as defined and you can just relax. Everything from delivery to upgrade and activation deactivation will be managed by WooCOmmerce API Manager. The key benefit of this plugin is that your customrs will be extremly delighted with the services they receive and hence it will reduce your workload, service request so you can carry out most important thing that is development.

It is fully integrated with highly secure authentication system so that you can control only legitimate customer to use your work. Further what is addon is that it also supports selling subscription using api.

Current version:3.3.0
Last updated:2024-04-29