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WooCommerce Intuit QBMS Payment Gateway Extension

WooCommerce Intuit QBMS Payment Gateway Extension :  Intuit and QBMS are two of the most reliable and secure payment systems avaialble in USA and has been relied by many of the major online retailers and shop owners. And now as WooComemrce is growing in market shares, we have just came across a great extension that will help you integrate intuit qbms payment gateway with woocommerce. Intuit QBMS gives you variety of payment receivingoptions and customer does not leave your website during checkout and hence you can give them best of user experience.

But as you customer will be paying on your website, you will need to have SSL on your woocommerce store to make your customer data more secure and private. WooCommerce Intuit QBMS Payment Gateway also allows your customer to store their payment details like credit card snad debit cards details on your website without compromising security. This can be used by your customer as quick checkout latter on.

Futher WooCommerce Intuit QBMS Payment Gateway is fully compatible with Subscriptions and Pre Orders and you can get advantage of this two best plugins as well along with intuit qbms.

Current version:3.1.2
Last updated:2023-02-18